The Client

Fractal builds user-centric and compliant identity and payment solutions for the decentralized web. It also supports open source blockchain projects to fund the future ecosystem using an initial token launch.

Fractal plays a major role in moving ICOs out of the regulatory grey area and helps make the ICO investment process frictionless.

The Project

Around the Block is a community effort lead by Fractal Launchpad GmbH.

For its first edition, it aimed to bring together the most interesting voices in the Blockchain and emerging technology space in Europe. We developed the brand by playing with the concepts of new and upcoming members (new kids on the block), the block as a basic blockchain concept, and the idea of showing perspectives around it not always seen before in order to study the ecosystem.

It covers the European Blockchain landscape in detail, specially regarding token economics, compliance, investment and legal representation, and a fresh perspective on how to launch your own token.

They trusted Zcomix agency with producing the branding and the first physical edition of the magazine.


The Work

around the block magazine logo - Zcomix agency.png
roboto - around the block magazine.png
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Team lead: Nele Wollert & Julian Leitloff

Project management: Danilo Sierra

Graphic design and production lead: Emilie Chabridon

Editing: Douglas Stewart

Portrait illustration by Lisa Bender