We Assist our Clients Join a New Era of Communications


We are Technologists with a Creative Edge

Founded in 2016, Zcomix agency exists to help companies with hard-to-explain products and services communicate effectively online to their most relevant audiences. We have partnered with dozens of companies helping them with very straightforward and complex projects.


Who Believe in Mass Intimacy

Mass intimacy means brands can talk, at a personal, one-to-one level to multiple, even millions of people at the same time, and this has almost unlimited potential for good. We empower our clients with the flexibility and speed they require to solve their marketing challenges and scale up their communications to millions of individuals.


And Are Committed to Your Growth

We mix strategy, creativity, and development to make your brand into the hearts, minds, and pockets of those companies and individual that definitely should be helped by you.



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Danilo Sierra

Founder & Project Lead

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Greta Ferreira

Project Lead & Creative Resources

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Fiona Laughton

Content & Strategy


What We Believe In

Great marketing requires collaboration

Our most successful projects all start with our clients letting us in, embedding us in their processes, or letting us designing them. We can provide great results if you truly let us in to talk with you and your colleagues.


Success begins from the Planning

We hate surprises, and we know you hate them too. Modern marketing requires a strong focus on operations, planning, visible KPI’s and clear steps owned by every partner and stakeholder. We thrive when we work with our clients from the very beginning.


Good Partnerships Require Earnest Work

We don’t really do “attitude”, we believe the best work is created by a strong mix of kind communication, listening to the audience, and making sure we only reach out to them when is good for them, because that is when it is good for us.


Our Creators


100+ Creators

Our team counts with 6 people in-house and a network of over 100 people from all over the world, who have worked for pretty much everyone, globally.


14 Languages

German, English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Russian. Our creators’ roster contains a small sample of this beautiful big world.


Saint-Petersburg, Then the World

Our headquarters and a significant part of our creators are here, but collectively our network spans out 33 cities, from South Korea to Honduras. From Austria to South Africa.